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Together we pray for people … serving in Business and in the Workplace.

We pray that the Holy Spirit would remind us that we are God’s ambassadors, representatives of righteousness sent to run with the message of reconciliation. We seek the blessings from heaven's glorious riches, not longing for counterfeit cultural abundance, but the abundant life authored by Jesus. We pray that each person would work unto the Lord, not disrespecting or despising man but knowing that the work­place is their mission field. Working in integrity, humility, excellence, and diligence in order to walk in all that has been received in Christ. Not seeking to gain the whole world but seeking to magnify and glorify God who will supply every need. We pray that the Lord will keep people from being slothful and selfish, keeping pride and greed far from each person as they labor in the fields, where He sends them for His harvest. May each person in the workplace know that their value is found in Him and from Him.

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