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Together we pray for people …serving in the Military.

We pray that Almighty God would avail much as we pray fervently for our military; for the men and women in uniform who serve and sacrifice to defend freedom around the world, as well as their families who serve and sacrifice with them. We pray that God would keep them strong, courageous, and safe in the shadow of His wings. That He would be their sun and shield; their direction and protection at all times, on the home front and the front­lines. We pray that they put on the full armor of God as they put on their uniform each day. Being filled with His wisdom and discernment as decisions and plans are drawn up, in peace and on the battlefield. May God go before them and surround them as every battle on earth reflects a war in the heavenlies; thwarting evil schemes and defeating wickedness. We pray that our nation would gratefully serve those who served us, letting no veteran go without services and shelter. Bringing peace and healing to the wounded, and holding their marriages and families close in His care, as we keep them near in our thoughts and prayers whether at home or away.

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