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Together we pray for people … and their Family.

We pray for the family to be a place where we learn to honor our parents, and parents nurture their children with love, and train them up to know and follow Him. He created marriage for a man and woman to be bound in a covenant with Him, and live as a family that follows Him. He knit us together in the womb, fearfully and wonderfully making us in His image. We pray that people would know that they are His workmanship, not one person is a mistake. He establishes generations of families by marriage, birth, foster care, adoption and more, as people share their lives and love according to His Word, will and way. He invites us to be a part of His family, the eternal family of God. He calls us His children; having believed we are born again into His family. We pray that all people would draw near to Him as their perfect Heavenly Father, no matter what kind of example or experience with their earthly parents. May He bring families closer to Him, prompting them to pray, study Scripture, serve actively in church, and love their neighbors together. We pray that the Holy Spirit fill our hearts and our homes, binding us together in love, honor, joy, and trust.

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