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Together we pray for people...serving and leading the Church.

We pray for those who are members and leaders of His body, set apart by their relationship with Him as Lord and Savior, sent to show and share His love and Good News. Helping them and us remember that we are the Church, people not a place, His body not a building, and that we come together to grow in our knowledge and love of Him and who we are in Him. That we gather to love and encourage one another to be filled with His Word and Spirit inside the walls of the church, so that everywhere we go, we overflow as His ambassadors. We pray that we His people, called by His Name, be known by His love and the spiritual fruitfulness that manifests in our lives and glorifies Him. Causing us to care for our neighbor and nation, our communities and country in such substantial and sacrificial ways, that every person we encounter would know that we follow Him - and they would want to know and follow Him too.

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